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Lord Voldemort

Voldemort is the bad guy of Potter Puppet Pals, but he neither sounds nor acts very evil, and usually fails to kill his enemies with his evil schemes.


Voldemort is the series's main antagonist, but is not as evil as his book counterpart. He does however, frequently attempt to kill the show's other characters, such as in "Ron's Disease", when Harry has used Hagrid to knock out both Hermione and Snape, yet when they pass Voldemort who greets Harry with "Ah, Harry, I've been waiting for you" in a friendly voice followed by an attempt to kill him, Harry says "No time to chat, Voldemort! Gotta go!" and runs off, much to Voldemort's disappointment. He is, however, generally thwarted. His only successful attempt at killing any other characters was in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise", by using a pipe bomb (which was ticking, leading the characters to create a song by rhythmically singing their own names). He speaks with a deep, echoey voice, except when he was prank-called in "Wizard Swears". Unlike in the books, there isn't really much enmity between Voldemort and Harry, probably because he is not actually evil. He is also apparently 'The Dark Lord of Tap'. In his chistmas card he says "Happy Last Christmas!" as he is killing a polar bear.


  • Trouble at Hogwarts
  • Wizard Angst
  • Mysterious Ticking Noise
  • Wizard Swears
  • Mustache Buddies
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