Harry 's poopy birthday aired on July 31 2018 . It has 10 million viewers.

The episode starts with Harry happily shouting that it's his birthday to his friends, Ron and Hermione. He then makes the cake out of his and his friends poop, including Hagrid's very large poop and Snape pooped in the bathtub in his bathroom. Then , he smelt something. He knew it was Harry. He came in the school and found it was Harry 's birthday. He had Stinkly the hippo poop on the cake and then Snape put broccoli to make the cake stinkier and mayo and pee on it . Dumbledore pops up and eats in ENTIRE cake . Harry was happy he didn't have to eat it. Hagrid's tummy growled . All the puppets laughed and ate some real cake.

What Snape was doing ....

Snape was in the bathtub along with Dobby and Hagrid

Talking about poop and and their favorite food

Pooping in the bathtub .